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Glasswing Floral at Darling Magazine’s Dinner

Glasswing Floral at Darling Magazine’s Dinner

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As we head into the fullness of spring, we yearn for fullness of life. Darling believes that we experience this fullness through genuine relationships and shared experiences to provoke in us the best version of ourselves. Warm loft light, floral arrangements from Glasswing, and full glasses of wine at our more recent Darling Dinner helped to welcome us into this state of being. Read more

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Glasswing flower stand at the new downtown espresso bar Blacktop

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Downtown’s Arts District has a new neighborhood specialty coffee shop. Blacktop, a tiny espresso bar from Handsome Coffee Roasters co-founder Tyler Wells, is set to open April 23.

Wells teamed with Wurstkuche owners Tyler Wilson and Joseph Pitruzzelli to launch Blacktop, a 240-square-foot cafe next to retail and gallery space Alchemy Works on 3rd Street. (The two spaces are connected by a sliding barn door.) Both Blacktop and Alchemy are located in the building that also houses Wurstkuche’s offices and commissary.

Designed by Kellie Patry (Honeycut, Seven Grand San Diego), Blacktop will serve espresso drinks, brewed coffee, mocha and iced coffee on tap. The coffee beans are from San Francisco-based Sightglass.

The shop’s name was inspired by Wells’ imagining of California (he’s from West Virginia). “Before I lived here I had this dream that you just drive around in a convertible all day and jump out the top at each stop. So the vision for the coffee bar was one of those stops. You just pull up in your Corvette, hop out, get a coffee, and head off to what’s next.”

If you’re inclined to take a seat with a coffee poured into a Heath cup, there will be outdoor seating. “There’s so much great sidewalk opportunity,” said Wells, who noted that a small fruit stand and a flower stand curated by Glasswing Floral will be set up outside. Wes Avila’s Guerrilla Tacos truck, which regularly stops in front of Handsome, also will be parking at Blacktop.

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